Persevere VIP Sunstrip Banner

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The Persevere VIP Sunstrip Banner is a full length banners for the top of your windscreen including both the matte black vinyl backing with the Persevere VIP logo in gloss white. The banner comes in a universal fitment at 12 inches in height and 1.5 metres long. This allows for the sunstrip to be trimmed to your cars windscreen size and shape. With this product we do highly recommend professional installation as it may be difficult. This product is made with permanent adhesive outdoor vinyl to withstand harsh Australian heat. 


To apply this banner simply remove the black vinyl strip from the paper backing, take measurements and line up the banner to your windscreen. Ensure windscreen is cleaned before application. Apply carefully with a vinyl applicator or something to ensure the best possible outcome of the banner without air bubbles. Trim the excess black vinyl around your windscreen once applied with a blade. Once again we recommend professional installation as we do not replace these products due to incorrect application by customer, if you do apply yourself please ensure you know how to do it and have multiple people with you to help in the process!